In this article we will talk about the new 220V spots and accessories for the LINE48 Ledco line.

The 220V SPOT is a lighting fixture with a 220V power supply, which can be easily installed.
The 220V power supply guarantees quick installation.

The driver integrated in the base makes the product suitable for any use with small spaces.

The spot is available in four power variants:

  • 5W
  • 10W
  • 20W
  • 30W


Now let’s move on to the LINE48 accessories.

The Colored Reflector (or Ring) is an accessory for the Spots that can be easily installed.

Thanks to its clean and elegant design this accessory is perfect for domestic and commercial environments.

The Reflector is present in two color variants:

  • Gold;
  • Silver

And it can be applied to all spots in the LINE48 line.

Finally we have the Dark Grid.

This accessory, which can be used for all Spots of the LINE48 family, is easy to install.

Its purpose is to avoid glare from the light beam and it can be applied to all spots in the LINE48 line.