Thanks to the particular "wave" design of the printed circuit board it is possible to bend the Wavy Strip without having to cut it. You can create particular angles or curves with a great saving of time to the advantage of practicality and the final aesthetic result.
  • Flexible strip for linear lighting with monochrome LED, 5-meter coil
  • Set-length sectionable every 10 cm
  • IP54 versions are completely coated with nano particles that make them water-resistant
  • 3M adhesive tape on the back
  • Dual cable header allows faster series connection
  • Chip with 3 MacAdam Steps

The use of the conformal coating does not alter the appearance of the strip, ensuring water protection (IP54) and better thermal dissipation.

The used chip is the 2835 of the 4th generation, guarantees 30% higher performance than traditional 5050 chips by lowering consumption by 40%.

Code Ip Consumption W/MT Color LED/MT Lumen Dc
WL60LBC65/N 54 60 W 12 3000 K 60 7100 24 V
WL60LBN65/N 54 60 W 12 4000 K 60 7300 24 V
WL60LBI65/N 54 60 W 12 6000 K 60 7500 24 V

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