Anti-Flicker SLP220: Goodbye Strobe Effect

Are you tired of the annoying strobe effect of your 220V LED strips? Unstable lighting not only disturbs the atmosphere, but can also cause eye strain and headaches.

Imagine having to work or relax in an environment with constantly flickering lights. This problem not only compromises comfort, but can also significantly reduce productivity and overall well-being. Furthermore, in video surveillance systems, the strobe effect can interfere with the quality of footage, potentially compromising security.

At LEDCO, we understand these challenges. That’s why we developed the SLP220, a device specifically designed to eliminate the strobe effect of 220V LED strips.

We have worked to create a solution that ensures uniform and comfortable lighting. The SLP220 uses modern technology to stabilize the electrical current, resulting in constant, flicker-free light.


With this device, you can completely transform your spaces:

– More comfortable and productive working environments

– Relaxing and welcoming residential areas

– Shops and showrooms with a professional and inviting atmosphere

– More effective video surveillance systems, thanks to the elimination of disturbances caused by the strobe effect


The SLP220 is not just a simple accessory, but an investment in visual comfort, well-being and safety. It is easy to install and is designed to last.

Don’t let the strobe effect ruin your lighting experience or compromise the security of your video surveillance systems.

Visit the product page or contact our team of experts to find out how the SLP220 can improve your LED lighting and optimize your security systems.