New LED Strips for the Flex Series

In a constantly evolving sector such as lighting, it is essential to have innovative and flexible solutions available that meet the needs of each environment. Often, the options on the market fail to guarantee the right combination of efficiency, aesthetics and practicality, leaving customers looking for products that can really make a difference.

Have you ever had trouble finding a lighting system that can illuminate large spaces evenly? Or do you want lighting that can transform small rooms with dynamic effects and brilliant colours? These problems are common and can cause frustration, additional costs and inefficiency. The lack of easily adaptable solutions can limit the creativity and effectiveness of your lighting project.

LEDCO is proud to present the new LED strips for the Flex series. With the introduction of 5mm RGB LED strips, 220V LED strips and Data RGB LED strips, we have expanded our offer to satisfy every type of lighting need.

The Flex LED 220V is our jewel of efficiency and practicality. This new LED strip is able to illuminate up to 20 meters with a single direct 220V power supply point, making it the ideal solution for large environments that require homogeneous and continuous light distribution.

For those looking for colorful lighting in small spaces, the Flex LED 1010 RGB is the perfect choice. Thanks to its compact design, this LED strip can adapt to any environment, offering the possibility of creating suggestive atmospheres with any desired color. It is ideal for illuminating interiors, architectural details, furniture and much more, transforming even the smallest places with a dynamic touch of colour.

Bring movement into your lighting with our LED RGB Data Flex. This Flex allows for dynamic and dramatic lighting effects, perfect for art installations, special events and environments that require interactive and immersive lighting.

Don’t miss the opportunity to improve your lighting with the new Flex Series products from LEDCO. Visit our website to discover all the news in our catalog and choose the perfect solution for your needs.