smart light ledco

Today’s home has undergone an obvious change, in fact we often hear about smart home. But what is meant by smart home? How can we transform our home into Smart? What are the advantages of having a smart home?

The smart home is a home connected to the internet, therefore equipped with a network connection to which all electronic equipment is connected, for example: the LED strips. As long as your lights are not connected to the internet and cannot be controlled remotely, your home cannot be considered smart. For a home to be “intelligent” it is necessary to be able to control and automate the functions of your home with technology.

To have a smart home you need to have a router that acts as a nexus. Through the router, all the LED strips can communicate with each other thanks to the Bluetooth control units or WiFi control units and can therefore be controlled remotely.

After configuration, your home will finally be smart! 

The smart home also allows you to have greater control over the use of energy, all by automating actions such as turning on, turning off and adjusting the temperature of the lights. They provide information on the use of energy that can help you become more energy efficient and attentive to ecological factors.

The choice of the right lighting is very important, the smart strips allow you to adjust the color temperature, with variations from warmer to colder tones, they can be adjusted through an application on the smartphone or by voice assistants such as Google Home and Alexa. LEDs use 90% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs, and can pay for themselves through energy savings.

These light sources have a much longer lifespan than the old incandescent or fluorescent technology. LED strips are an optimal solution to improve your home: in addition to guaranteeing perfect comfort for the eyes, in fact, they also have very low consumption, thus allowing you to have significant savings in your bills.