Magnetic track lighting is an innovative, aesthetically elegant lighting solution with technical features that allows for high customization and ease of installation.

Track lighting consists of two types of lighting accessories, magnetic spotlights and magnetic bars, which slide on an aluminum structure- the magnetic track.

This product allows a higher degree of customization thanks to the possibility of choosing the type of body lighting and creating lighting modules, including mixed ones, by alternating magnetic bars with magnetic spotlights.

The different type of lighting body allows you to have different directions of light, orienting the spotlights to your liking or alternating them with the bars, also thanks to the internal track it will be extremely easy to remove or move the lighting devices according to your needs.

This type of lighting is often used in the lighting design of large spaces, for shops, companies or even domestic environments.

The minimal design of this product makes it particularly suitable for contemporary contexts.

How many types of magnetic track lighting are there?

When choosing the lighting of the rooms, it is important to take into account the furnishing style of the spaces in order to select the most suitable type of magnetic track.
The Ledco magnetic track is available in 3 different installation modes:

These 3 installation methods allow you to have more freedom of use and to contribute to the furnishing of the spaces in different ways.

The ceiling installation is the most classic solution, the magnetic track becomes part of the environment with a discreet and refined presence.
The suspended installation has a more modern style, the track becomes a real piece of furniture in the room.
The trimless recessed installation allows you to hide the body of the track in the plasterboard ceiling, leaving only the spotlights in evidence, this installation is suitable for those who want to keep the rooms free, create plays of light and have minimal visual encumbrance.

Technical characteristics of Ledco magnetic tracks

Low voltage

If you are looking for greater safety in the installation, Ledco track lighting is certainly the right choice.
Ledco magnetic tracks are characterized by a low voltage, only 48 V, unlike the 220 V Eutrac track. This feature guarantees greater safety since it is possible to act on the track without danger for the operator.

Using LED light

LED lighting saves about 80% of consumption compared to normal light bulbs, plus the flow of light produced by LED spotlights can be directed towards the desired area, without dispersing the light energy in other directions.

Easy wiring and installation

Thanks to the magnetic and mechanical interlocking of the magnetic tracks, greater ease of wiring is guaranteed.
There are several accessories dedicated to each type of installation, such as brackets for suspended installation, butterfly brackets for ceiling installation and adjustable brackets for recessed installation.

Variety of lighting and furnishing solutions

Ledco track lighting with all its lighting accessories is available in 2 different colors: black and white.
The LED spotlights are available in different wattages, there is also the variant of the magnetic suspension spotlight.
The LED bars are available in different sizes and wattages, to meet multiple use and installation needs.

Here are the luminaires of the magnetic track:

Where can magnetic track lighting be used?

Lighting is a fundamental part of the furniture. With correct lighting it is possible to carry out various activities in the best possible way avoiding unnecessary energy waste.

Track lighting is an excellent solution for large environments that requires different points of light, we think of shops with large spaces and the need to illuminate certain product display areas, or offices where it is necessary to illuminate different workstations.
It is equally suitable for smaller spaces such as the interiors of an apartment, think of the kitchen, one of the rooms that needs more accurate lighting for an optimal view of the work areas, or the living room, where with spotlights installed on tracks we can create different bright areas, on the sofa, on the dining table, or for a reading corner or for the corner where you play an instrument.

It is certainly perfect for those situations where flexibility of application is required, thanks to the possibility of changing the direction and position of the lighting fixtures, thus adapting to the changes that some environments require.
Another important advantage that should not be underestimated is the possibility of having differently lit areas even in the case of a single electrical connection, thanks to the different lighting elements applied on a single track.

Thanks to its elegant and minimal shape, the magnetic track is used by various architects and designers for valuable projects, in which the track itself can become a decorative element, creating particular paths that voluntarily highlight some lines, or that disappears in the architecture, leaving space only for the design of light.

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