Summer is approaching, garden lighting is an important improvement to fully enjoy the beautiful days and to beautify our spaces.

Among the Ledco products we have different solutions for the correct garden lighting, safe, innovative and that will make your garden a beautiful refuge for summer evenings.

Which lights are suitable for garden lighting?

The first important feature of an outdoor light is impermeability, our summer allows us many beautiful and warm evenings but there are also some thunderstorms, so we need an outdoor light that is waterproof and weather resistant, even to the sun, which with its powerful rays can ruin materials very quickly.
This is why we have several LED Strips with IP68 protection degree, that is completely waterproof and weather resistant

Another factor to consider is the light surface we want to cover, based on the needs it is possible to select Led Strips with a 5 meter coil such as the SL125 IP68 or customized LED strips such as the SL FLEX 1616 or the SL FLEX 1018 or even our Strip Led 30mt-48volt that will allow us to cover a length of 30 meters with a single power point.

A self-respecting garden lighting is made of linear and curved shapes, we can imagine shaping the exterior of our facade, which could be arched, or create sinuous shapes within our garden, create luminous circles around ours trees or bushes, for all these particular shapes we can rely on Strip Led Flex or Wavy Strip, strips created to be bent and curved in different shapes.

Let’s not forget that we are outside, so why not have fun with colored lights, for this desire for color we have RGB Led Strips that can illuminate our exterior with many different colors such as the IP68 RGB Led Strip.

To easily manage the garden lighting we have the Smart Control WIFI that can be easily connected to the smartphone and to the Google Home and Alexa voice control devices, thanks to this controller it will be possible to remotely control and adjust the intensity of the light emitted by our Strip Led or their color, in the case of RGB led strips.

Another important aspect is the low voltage, all the LED strips mentioned so far are low voltage, a very important feature that guarantees greater safety.

Can I light up my pergola or gazebo?

Of course, many gardens are furnished with beautiful pergolas that finally in summer return to be part of our days, it is possible to illuminate the pergola in a very suggestive way, for this reason we have the possibility to create Custom LEDs, completely customized lighting created on the basis of every specific need.

To sum up, here are the main features of a led strip for garden lighting:

  • Has an IP68 or IP65 degree of protection so as to resist external weather conditions;
  • Both low voltage for extra safety;
  • It can be curved to create particular lighting effects;
  • Also have the RGB versions so as to create colored lighting;
  • Have a WIFI smart control so you can also adjust it remotely or via voice command;
  • It is suitable for lighting pergolas and gazebos.