When creating a new environment, lighting is one of the most important elements and at the same time one of the most complex to design and choose.
Let’s see an introduction to the new trends in the world of lighting design that will run next year 2022 giving a touch of style to projects.

Lighting is an essential component and it is important that it responds to functional and aesthetic needs.

The predominant trend of 2022 will be the elimination of the superfluous to make room for the simplicity and functionality of the furnishings, and will see a return to the centrality of nature.
The fundamental concepts in lighting design for 2022 are minimalism and sustainability, which meet hi-tech solutions and large spaces such as lofts and open spaces, as well as the revisitation of old buildings in a contemporary and eco-sustainable key.

In this panorama, lighting has a fundamental value in enhancing tidy spaces, characterized by light materials and colors that recall natural hues.
The materials most used by designers and architects for interior design in 2022 will be:

  • Wood, with a tendency to light tones, with strictly sustainable and natural paint;
  • Cement and stone, combined with metals, both dark and brass to heat rooms;
  • Marble, in all versions, even sophisticated and luxurious;
  • Glass, used to give space to natural light and to make the accessories versatile and bright.

Even in the selection of colors in 2022 a purely minimal style will prevail: the designers are oriented towards classic colors such as black, white, brass, copper and brown.

Let’s see in detail the lighting design trends of 2022.


2022 sees ceiling lighting not only as a functional element but becomes the fulcrum of the rooms: elegant lighting fixtures for every style.

In your project you can not worry about being bold with suspensions, especially in larger spaces, and opt for unconventional lighting fixtures in combination with other design elements.
Multiple pendant lamps, such as magnetic track systems, immediately create atmosphere and elegance: they can be customized in number, finishes and positioning, and are confirmed as a must also in 2022.


Ground lighting will be essential for a virtual division of large and more sophisticated spaces, delimiting the space, defining its role and emphasizing its beauty.

The floor lighting also sees an excellent application next to an armchair or a sofa to create an atmosphere in the living area, it is perfect for illuminating a dark and forgotten corner, for example, of a corridor, with an attractive design and giving new life to the spaces.


The lighting of 2022 is linked to the simplicity of the materials and colors to give the rooms a unique touch of elegance.

It focuses on simplicity to give light and create the right atmosphere in any environment, in this panorama the TESEO lighting line becomes the protagonist, elegant and refined, giving the possibility to create different lighting solutions.

“Less is more” is the expression that embodies the essence of the 2022 lighting trend, which eliminates all frills: light materials, neutral colors and functional design are all you need.
With this in mind, even a simple aluminum profile suspended with bare cable becomes trendy if wisely planned in your project.

2022 marks the return to the geometric and industrial shapes of the early 1900s and to the graphic arts of the time.


LED lighting in the trends of 2022 regain an important space and design feature.

LEDs are eco-sustainable solutions with high performance, they give character to the environments of your project by offering the right cut of light to the walls and characterizing the spaces in a unique way.

In summary, the 2022 lighting trends envisage lighting design projects with the following characteristics:

  • Linear and minimal geometry;
  • Basic colors, especially black and white;
  • Energy-saving lights;
  • The enhancement of the natural element.