One of the latest innovations of LEDCO products is the Gateway Multizone PRO CT800, thanks to this toll it will be possible to control the lighting of different areas via smartphone with a dedicated app and also via a wall-mounted touch controller.

What is the pro multizone gateway?

The CT800, the new PRO multizone gateway, allows the management of lighting in domestic or commercial environments with multiple zones, conveniently via Android smartphone or iPhone and via wall-mounted touch controllers.

Below is a video on the operation of the CT800 – (enable subtitles from youtube video settings)- .

The CT800 supports the simultaneous management of white LED, RGB or RGB.White. We will be able to change the color of the light emitted by the strip in one room and manage its dimming in a second room all through the same smartphone app.

It will be possible, for example, to adjust the lighting of the whole house through our smartphone and also through voice-controlled systems such as Amazon ECHO, and at the same time manage the lighting with the touch controller in the individual room. Thanks to the smartphone control we can adjust the switching on and off of the lights even remotely.

Other examples of use of the CT800 can be in commercial environments, where we have several rooms and we want to manage the lighting of the different rooms comfortably from our smartphone, even if we are outside the shop, but leaving the possibility of managing the lighting from the touch control in the room.

Or let’s think of a Hotel or B&B, where the lighting management can be centralized to control all the rooms via smartphone, but it can also be managed by the guests of the individual rooms with the touch control, the same thing can happen in an office with several rooms.


In summary what are the characteristics of the CT800?

  • Multizone management
  • Lighting management via wall-mounted touch controller or via smartphone or Amazon ECHO
  • Management of white, RGB or RGB.White LED strips
  • WiFi and radio frequency control


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