With the 30 meter strip led you can illuminate long stretches without voltage drops with a single power point.

The integrated circuits in the 30-meter led strip re-launch the current over the entire length of the strip, allowing continuous lighting without voltage drop. In fact, most of the strips have a voltage drop after 5 meters, optically the light becomes dimmed, while with the 30 meter led strip this will not happen.

48 Volt features

The Ledco 30 meter led strip is 48 volts, this gives greater safety in the use of the strip, it is not connected directly to the electric current like the 220V led strip but is connected to the dedicated 48V transformer.

Where can you use the 30 meter led strip?

This led strip is suitable for all those situations in which it is not possible to have many power points, often in buildings we do not have power sockets every 10 meters as would be the case for the classic strips, let’s think for example of a room where it is necessary to illuminate a long perimeter and there is only one power point available, or a staircase or stairway, a particular architectural structure, this strip is suitable for lighting all these situations where it is often complex to have multiple power points.

Can I also use it outdoors?

Yes, the 30 meter led strip is also available in the IP68 version, therefore suitable for outdoor environments.
The IP68 led strips are self-dissipating, they are covered with a silicone coating that guarantees protection to the strips from atmospheric conditions, UV rays and makes them waterproof even in total immersion.
In this case we can think of using the 30-meter IP68 LED strip for exteriors of buildings, clubs, gardens and swimming pools.

The 30-meter led strip is available in 3 light colors: 3000 K warm light, 4000 K natural light, 5500 K cold light.
Thanks to the accessories it is possible to section the product at predetermined length every 12.5 cm.

The strip is applied on 3M 300LSE adhesive tape with high adhesive power even on powder coated profiles.


In summary, here are the main features of the 30 meter led strip

  • 30 meters long with a single power point;
  • Low voltage 48 volts for added safety;
  • IP68 variant suitable for outdoor use and for total immersion in water.

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