STRIP LED 48V – 30 meters – IP 68

With the STRIP LED 30 METERS 48 VOLT IP 68 it is possible to have with a single power point 30 meters of light without voltage drop.
Integrated circuits with 48volt power supply relaunch the current over the entire length of the strip.

The innovative double silicone protection guarantees the product maximum water resistance, even in total immersion.

  • Flexible led strip for linear lighting with monochrome LED, 30-meter coil
  • Set-length sectionable every 12.5 cm
  • Adhesive tape 3M 300LSE on the back, high adhesive power even on dust-coated profiles
  • Dual cable header allows faster series connection
  • The integrated circuits on board the strip relaunch the current, allowing you to reach 30 meters with a single power point
  • Chip with CRI90+ and 3 MacAdam Steps
  • Available in customized lengths up to a maximum of 30 meters

with one power point

Code IP W/MT Color LED/MT LUMEN/MT Length Dc
SL120LBC68/48 68 8 W 3000 120 1410 30 METERS 48 V
SL120LBN68/48 68 8 W 4000 120 1450 30 METERS 48 V
SL120LBI68/48 68 8 W 6000 120 1490 30 METERS 48 V

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