Lighting the wardrobe and walk-in closet in the correct way is essential in order to be able to carefully choose the clothes to wear every day.

Lighting with LED strips will allow us to create automated solutions for switching on the lights in our wardrobe, to illuminate the cabin with recessed light lines inside the furniture and will guarantee us high energy savings thanks to the low consumption of the technology LED.

LED strips are the simplest and most versatile solution to illuminate by bringing a direct beam of light to clothes and accessories. They are applied quickly and easily inside our wardrobe or walk-in closet, perfectly following its shape and giving the possibility to illuminate every internal corner, ensuring uniform and distributed light for an impeccable result.

How to light up the wardrobe

The general lighting of the room is not always sufficient to make us see the inside of our wardrobe well, so having an internal lighting system is very useful, especially if we have a wardrobe with sliding doors, where part of it remains in dim light.

We can choose whether to place the LED strips on the vertical sides of the cabinet or horizontally, thanks to the miniaturized profile PR105 with the miniaturized LED strip SL125 we will be able to create recessed light lines in our wardrobe, completely hiding the profile and strip. The LED strip can be easily sectioned through the predetermined center distances every 5cm this will allow us to also create lines of light to be applied for example on small shelves.

It is possible to use sensors for the automated switching on of the lights, with our surface profile PR500 together with the IR sensor the lights will switch on when the wardrobe door is opened and will switch off after 30 seconds if no people are detected nearby.

Another system for the automatic switching on of the LED bars is through the DM551 conveyed wave sensor, which we can exploit for recessed installations made with the miniaturized profile PR105, this sensor is applied overflow near the cabinet door, when it does not detect any object in front of it turns on the connected lights, therefore turning them off only when the door is closed. You can also use the DM551 by touch with the swipe of your hand.

How to illuminate the walk-in closet

The choice of the most suitable system for lighting the walk-in closet depends on several factors: the height of the cabin, its depth, the dimensions of the furniture and their type, the style of the cabin.

We can illuminate the walk-in closet with LED strips installed on the different shelves and lengths of the furniture, as we have seen for the wardrobe lighting, or we can use the LINE48 magnetic track solution. This is an innovative and avant-garde lighting system, for some years it has also been widely used as a system for lighting domestic walk-in closets.
The LINE48 magnetic track gives a touch of creativity and elegance that adapts to any furnishing style, the key feature is the ease of customization and modification of the lighting fixtures, it allows you to orient the spotlights, add or remove them and move them along the track to illuminate in an optimal way all the clothes, it is also possible to add LED bars or dark lights to centrally illuminate the cabin.

A LED strip particularly suitable for lighting our closet or walk-in closet is the SL120 due to its excellent ratio between luminous flux and wattage.

All LEDCO LED strips are characterized by a CRI90 + color rendering index, this will allow us to see the colors of the clothes as faithfully as possible.

Once you have chosen the most suitable LED strip, you have to choose the temperature of the light (expressed in kelvins). The temperature of the light affects our perception of colors, a warm light with shades tending to yellow is suitable for example for lighting the kitchen or living room and all those environments where we want to recreate a warm and familiar atmosphere, in the case of ‘wardrobe lighting the main need is to have a light as close as possible to the natural one to see the colors of the clothes faithfully, so our advice is to choose the 4000K natural light tone.

These are the basic tips on how to illuminate the wardrobe and walk-in closet, for advice and guidance on specific projects contact us, our technical department will be able to support you in all your needs.