Pre-inset aluminum profiles are increasingly popular and requested solutions, thanks to the high convenience of the 2-in-1 product.

Most of the pre-recessed aluminum profiles are composed of plasterboard sheets, we find the aluminum profile already installed in a plasterboard sheet that will be easily mounted by the installer in the parts of our interest, facilitating the work and protecting the aluminum profile.

But how to use the convenience of a pre-embedded aluminum profile in an outdoor environment?

As we know, plasterboard is not a waterproof material suitable to withstand atmospheric conditions or in situations with particular humidity, this is where the new aluminum profile of the LINE IN LEDCO pre-recessed sheet line by Glasroc® comes into play.

Glasroc® is the fiber-reinforced gypsum board specific for outdoor applications, it is formed by a gypsum core containing special additives, which makes it resistant to moisture and mold.

It is reinforced on both sides by a glass fiber fabric (glass mat) with a UV-resistant coating, the glass fiber coating is cohesive with the plaster core, these characteristics allow high performance in humid environments, creating a highly resistant and durability.
Glasroc® is a cellulose-free sheet, thanks to this feature it has a high resistance to mold formation, and is suitable for installation outdoors and in very humid environments.

The PG110 / GR is composed of the concealed recessed PR110 aluminum profile inserted inside a Glasroc® panel, the panel is 2 meters long, 16 cm wide and 13 mm thick.

With this 2 in 1 solution it will be possible to create recessed outdoor lighting with extreme ease without the risk of damaging the aluminum profile.

The profile inserted in the Glasroc® sheet has a width of 17mm, can contain LED Strips with tracks up to 12mm, and dissipate up to 20 w / mt.

PG110/GR images

The LED strips suitable for installation in outdoor environments are the strips with IP68, we can choose the SL125 IP68 .

The COG110 / GR 90 ° angular connector is also available for the PG110 / GR, to facilitate all installations that require an angular line of light.

The measurements of the COG110 / GR are: short side 160 mm, long side 260 mm, thickness 13 mm.

The profile in Glasroc® LEDCO has several accessories: the 2 meter opaque screen, the 2 meter transparent screen, the silver closing cap and the perforated silver closing cap.

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