UV-C and UV-A Custom LED bars

The Ledco UV bars are divided into 2 types:

  • UVC LED bars with a total germicidal action, for the sanitization and disinfection of surfaces and environments.
    The germicidal power of UVC rays acts in 20 minutes1 meter away from the surface we want to sanitize, eliminating all kinds of micro-organism, viruses and bacteria, including COVID-19.
    IMPORTANT: Do not use the UVC LED bar in the presence of people or animals, the powerful germicidal action of UVC LED bars does not allow the presence of any living being during the action of the bar.
  • UVA LED bars for a sanitization of softer surfaces and environments, requires more time to disinfect, you can use it in the presence of people or animals.

Ledco UV LED bars are made of anodized aluminum with on/off sensor.
Are customizable, you can choose the length of the bar and the type of profile.

Precautions for the use of UVC LED bars

– WARNING: this product can NOT be used in the presence of living beings, people or animals.
– Keep food away from UVC light irradiation;
– During use it is necessary to protect valuable materials such as silk, leather goods, paintings, precious objects, collectibles;
– Cosmetic or skincare products must be covered or tightly closed in their containers.