The LED strip is a flexible strip on which light emitting diodes are electrically mounted.

In the marketplace, they have largely replaced the old fluorescent lights for their high energy savings and high environmental sustainability. In addition to the classic monochrome Strip Led, there is the increasingly popular RGB Led Strip.


The RGB LED strip, unlike the monochrome strip that emits a single shade of white (3000K, 4000K and 6000K), has three types of LEDs mounted on the strip: red, green and blue. By mixing these three colors with different intensities and superimposing one color on the other, we can have a light characterized by different shades that illuminate the environment, domestic and commercial, in an elegant way. 

The colors of these strips can be controlled by a radio remote control, a button, a smartphone, and voice assistants.

Types of RGB LED Strips

There are various types of RGB LED strips: classic RGB, White RGB and RGB Data, so different degrees of protection are available: IP20, IP65 and IP68.

The RGB Strips, as mentioned earlier, are stripes with three colors of LED: red, green and blue. Thanks to the overlap of these three colors, we can have many intensities and colors of light.

Then we have the RGB White, a LED strip that has the technology of the classic RGB, with the addition of warm or natural light (3000K or 4000K). All this is possible thanks to a fourth chip that emits this white light.

immagine di ponte con custom led rgb

Now let’s talk about the RGB Data Strip, this strip uses BUS technology to be able to individually control portions of LED strip. The microprocessors, present on this product, allow the control of the color of each single sector, with the possibility to create complex games of light.

immagine di fontana con custom led per illuminazione fontane

As mentioned earlier, these strips are available with varying degrees of protection:

  • IP20: products that can not come into contact with liquids
  • IP65: products that have protection against the penetration of the poor water jets
  • IP68: products that can work immersed in water without any risk.

    For all these reasons, the RGB Led Strips are gaining momentum, offering economy, energy saving and elegance. Their ability to change light makes them suitable for lighting all types of both domestic and commercial environments.