STRIP LED – SL200 Energy Saver – 20 Meters

Designed for the most demanding user, the SL200 energy saving combines the advantages of a continuous row of 240 LEDs per meter with the low consumption of the 2835 chip and a length of up to 20 meters.


  • Flexible led strip for linear lighting with monochrome LED, 20-meter coil
  • Set-length sectionable every 2.5 cm
  • Adhesive tape 3M 300LSE on the back, high adhesive power even on dust-coated profiles
  • Dual cable header allows faster series connection
  • The high density of LEDs (240 chips per meter) allows homogeneous lighting on all surfaces
  • The SL200 Energy Saving differs from the normal version in the number of Lumens and the reduced energy consumption, maintaining light uniformity thanks to the 240 LEDs per meter
  • Chip with CRI90+ and 3 MacAdam Steps
Code Length Ip W/MT Color LED/MT LUMEN/MT Dc
SL200LBC20/ES20 20 mt 20 12 3000 K 240 2240 24V
SL200LBN20/ES20 20 mt 20 12 4000 K 240 2330 24V
SL200LBI20/ES20 20 mt 20 12 6000 K 240 2425 24V

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