immagine di cibo illuminato con custom led

Also the eye wants its part, for those who leave nothing to chance, attention to detail is essential in the sale, this STRIP LED will transform your counter into a harmony of colors enhancing the natural beauty of your products.

  • Flexible strip for linear lighting with high color rendering LED specifically for food lighting.
  • Dissectable with set interest every 5 cm for the 24 volts.
  • In IP65 versions we use a protective coating in thermo-dissipating silicone elastomer with a diffuser finishing (extends the life of the strip to the outside while keeping it transparent and soft over time).
  • 3M adhesive tape on the back. For thermal dissipation it is strongly recommended to use an aluminum profile of adequate section.
  • The dual cable header allows for faster series connection.
  • For thermal dissipation, it is strongly recommended to use an aluminium product of adequate cross-section
Led Food Bar is also available
Ready to use, bespoke size.
Contact us for more information.
SL120MT656590 W18Meat 2000 K1201100024 V
SL120GD656590 W18Bread 2600 K1201150024 V
SL120FH656590 W18Fish 5500 K1201400024 V


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