immagine delle strip led cob
immagine della strip led cob

The COB LED strip with its 576 LED chips for each meter allows you to obtain perfectly homogeneous lighting even on profiles without a screen or where the strip is on sight.


COB led strip features

  • Flexible LED strip for linear lighting with monochrome LED, 5-meter coil;
  • Sectionable with 5 cm set interest;
  • 3M adhesive tape on the back 300LSE;
  • The dual cable header allows for faster series connection;
  • The high density of LEDs (576 chips per meter) allows homogeneous lighting on all surfaces;
  • For thermal dissipation it is strongly recommended to use an aluminum profile of adequate section.
Code IP Consumption W/MT Color LUMEN/MT Lumen Dc
SLC50LBC20 20 50 W 10 3000 K 1480 7400 24 V
SLC50LBN20 20 50 W 10 4000 K 1520 7600 24 V
SLC50LBI20 20 50 W 10 6000 K 1560 7800 24 V

Choose the aluminum profile for your Led Strip