STRIP LED – 2835 SL60

  • Flexible strip for linear lighting with monochrome LED, 5-meter coil
  • Set-length sectionable every 10 cm
  • In IP65 versions we use a protective coating in thermo-dissipating silicone elastomer with a diffuser finishing (extends the life of the strip to the outside while keeping it transparent and soft over time)
  • 3M adhesive tape on the back
  • Dual cable header allows faster series connection
  • Chip with CRI90+ and 3 MacAdam Steps

The used chip is the 2835 of the 4th generation, guarantees 30% higher performance than traditional 5050 chips by lowering consumption by 40%.

SL60LBC202060 W123000 K60695024 V
SL60LBN202060 W124000 K60715024 V
SL60LBI202060 W126000 K60735024 V
SL60LBC20/122060 W123000 K60695012 V
SL60LBN20/122060 W124000 K60715012 V
SL60LBI20/122060 W126000 K60735012 V
SL60LBC656560 W123000 K60695024 V
SL60LBN656560 W124000 K60715024 V
SL60LBI656560 W126000 K60735024 V
SL60LBC65/126560 W123000 K60695012 V
SL60LBN65/126560 W124000 K60715012 V
SL60LBI65/126560 W126000 K60735012 V

Choose the aluminum profile for your Led Strip


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