STRIP LED – 2835 SL200

  • Flexible led strip for linear lighting with monochrome LED, 5-meter coil
  • Selectable with preset interest every 2.5 cm
  • The IP65 versions are completely coated with nano particles that make them water-resistant. 3M adhesive tape on the back
  • The dual cable header allows for faster series connection. The high density of LEDs (240 chips per meter) allows homogeneous lighting on all surfaces
  • For thermal dissipation it is strongly recommended to use an aluminum profile of adequate section
  • Chip with CRI90+ and 3 MacAdam Stem
The use of the conformal coating does not alter the appearance of the strip, ensuring complete water protection (IP65) and better thermal dissipation.
SL200LBH2020100 W202700 K2401765024 V
SL200LBC2020100 W203000 K2401862524 V
SL200LBN2020100 W204000 K2401912524 V
SL200LBI2020100 W206000 K2401960024 V
SL200LBH65/N65100 W202700 K2401765024 V
SL200LBC65/N65100 W203000 K2401862524 V
SL200LBN65/N65100 W204000 K2401912524 V
SL200LBI65/N65100 W206000 K2401960024 V

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