In the world of lighting, functionality and safety go hand in hand.

And it is precisely with this spirit that we present our latest innovation: the LEDCO Sequential Staircase Control Unit.

Tailored lighting for your stairs

If you’ve ever wanted to be able to illuminate stair steps progressively, now the solution is at hand.

The LEDCO Sequential Staircase Controller allows you to illuminate the steps one at a time, installing the sensor at the beginning or end of the staircase. Modern and captivating, the staircase also becomes one of the smart points of the environment.

No more dark or uncertain stairs, now every step is clearly visible. The progressive and customizable lighting creates a welcoming environment and makes your space a place where you will truly feel at ease.

Versatility without borders

In addition to the sequential function, we have designed the LEDCO Sequential Staircase Controller to perfectly match our LED Strip Runner.

Thanks to this combination, you can create an extraordinary light effect along your stairs, adding a touch of elegance and style to your space.

For further details on our Sequential Staircase Controller and the Runner LED Strip, visit the following links:

Don’t give up style, safety and quality lighting. Make them an integral part of your stairs with LEDCO.