LINE48: Lighting of a Private Apartment
LEDCO collaborated with the Architect Ettore Tricarico to create the lighting of an elegant private apartment. Our company, specializing in the production of high-quality lighting fixtures, provided high-quality solutions for this project.
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LINE48_progetti_Tavola disegno 1
LINE48_progetti_Tavola disegno 1 copia
Products used in this project

For this project, products from the LINE48 family were selected, known for their energy efficiency and modern design.

In particular, we have provided:

  • 48V Magnetic Tracks: Flexible and versatile solutions that allow easy installation and precise lighting.
  • Magnetic Spots 48V: Ideal for creating targeted light points, enhancing architectural details and furnishings.
  • 48V Magnetic LED Bars: Perfect for diffused and uniform lighting, improving the overall atmosphere of the rooms.


Thanks to the collaboration with the architect Ettore Tricarico and the use of our products, the apartment has acquired sophisticated and functional lighting. The LINE48 products have made it possible to enhance every space with elegance, helping to create comfortable and welcoming environments.

For more information about our products and projects, please contact us. We are available to answer any questions and discuss how our lighting solutions can meet your specific needs.