An innovative new project exemplifies the excellence and versatility of LEDCO’s lighting solutions.

Thanks to our distributor D’Elpidio, with the collaboration of the Architect Laura Marini and the installer EDILGIORGIO Costruzioni, we have created extraordinary lighting of the facade of a residential building in Roseto degli Abruzzi (TE), using the FLEX SERIES with 48V LED strip and Waterproof LED bars.



Technology and Reliability: LEDCO Solutions

Our 48V FLEX SERIES LED strips were chosen for their long life, exceptional light output and the possibility of creating continuous lines of light with a single power point. These features are critical to ensuring superior quality lighting that reduces maintenance costs and energy consumption. Furthermore, for the facade, Waterproof LED bars were installed, ideal for resisting atmospheric agents without compromising lighting performance.



Design and Innovation.

The Architect has created a lighting project that not only enhances the aesthetics of the glass balconies, but also guarantees perfect integration with the modern architecture of the facade. Thanks to his vision, the 48V LED strips of our FLEX SERIES and the Waterproof LED bars have been cleverly positioned to create uniform and refined lighting. The flexibility of the LED strips allows you to follow the architectural lines, giving a luminous effect that enhances the elegance of the materials.



Execution and Precision.

The installation respected the highest standards of quality and precision. Every detail has been carefully executed to ensure perfect installation of the Flex LEDs and Waterproof bars.
The professionalism and experience of the installer ensured that each element was installed correctly, for an impeccable final result.




This project represents a perfect example of how collaboration between skilled professionals and the use of high-quality products can transform any space into a luminous work of art.

We are proud to have helped create lighting that not only improves the functionality of outdoor spaces, but also enriches the overall aesthetics of the building.


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