If you are looking for reliability and quality for the lighting of your next project, the LINE48 product family from LEDCO is for you. Thanks to its lighting bodies and 48V electrified magnetic tracks, this range of products offers many solutions that adapt to different lighting needs.

Magnetic lighting fixtures

Magnetic lighting fixtures, thanks to their simple and safe installation, allow unprecedented flexibility in the design of illuminated spaces. LINE48 luminaires exploit this technology to offer a lighting solution that stands out for its practicality and efficiency.

Customize Your Lighting

From classic spots for punctual lighting, to modern LED bars and sophisticated Darklights, there is an option for every environment and style architectural. This variety allows you to shape the light according to the specific needs of the project, guaranteeing surprising and unique results.

48V Electrified Magnetic Tracks

The 48V electrified magnetic tracks are the beating heart of LEDCO‘s LINE48 product family. These tracks offer a complete solution for any type of installation, whether recessed, pendant or surface. Thanks to their low voltage power supply, the 48V tracks guarantee uniform, flicker-free lighting, ideal for residential, commercial and public environments.

Advice for an Optimal Installation

To get the maximum benefits from LINE48 products, follow these tips during installation:
1. Carefully evaluate the lighting needs of your environment.
2. Plan the distribution of luminaires and tracks to maximize lighting efficiency.
3. Be sure to use the appropriate mounting accessories for a safe and stable installation.
4. Configure your drivers and power supplies correctly to ensure optimal performance over time.
5. Conduct a complete system test and schedule periodic maintenance to ensure reliable operation over time.


With LEDCO’s LINE48 products, you can transform any space with high-quality, reliable and customizable lighting. For more information about our products and services, please do not hesitate to contact us.