Discover the new LEDCO Dip-Switch

In an increasingly dynamic world, having a lighting system that quickly adapts to different needs is essential. Changing ignition settings often requires complex and expensive technical interventions, causing inconvenience and delays.

Imagine being able to change the atmosphere of an environment with a simple gesture, without having to call a technician or spend time and money on structural changes. Think about how convenient it would be to have total control of your lighting, perfectly adapting it to your daily needs with maximum ease.

LEDCO, a company present for years in the lighting sector, has always focused on innovation and quality. With the introduction of the Dip-Switch in our LINE48 lighting fixtures, we take a step forward towards a more flexible and practical future. The Dip-Switch is a switch that allows you to choose between 2 lighting modes with extreme simplicity. Just one touch is enough to set the lighting body, without the need for modifications or technical interventions.

Thanks to the Dip-Switch, setting up the system for double ignition becomes simple and quick. By using two remote transformers, you can customize the ignition groups (maximum two) in complete autonomy. Position the selector on the desired mode and enjoy customized lighting.

Don’t miss the opportunity to improve the lighting of your spaces with us at LEDCO. Visit the dedicated page to find out more about the new LINE48 appliances with Dip-Switch and let yourself be won over by a system that adapts perfectly to every situation.