In the world of lighting, LED technology continues to revolutionize the way we perceive and use light. The 220V LED Strip with active short-circuit protection combines safety, versatility and superior performance.



  • Active Short Circuit Protection

Safety is paramount when it comes to lighting. Our 220V LED strip is equipped with active short circuit protection, which guarantees safe and reliable operation in every situation.


  • Wide choice options

Available in four different lengths – 5m, 10m, 20m and 50m – our LED Strip adapts to the lighting needs of any space. Plus, with four color options – 2700K, 3000K, 4000K and 6000K – you can always create the mood you want.


  • Easy Installation

This product can be powered from a single power point, greatly simplifying the installation process and reducing costs.


  • Maximum Protection

With an IP65 protection rating and a thermo-dissipating silicone elastomer extrusion, the 220V LED strip is designed to resist atmospheric agents and guarantee reliable performance over time.


To maximize the functionality of our 220V LED Strip, we also offer a range of compatible accessory devices:


  • 220V Rotary Dimmer

This dimmer allows you to control its dimming precisely, using a rotary potentiometer or remote control, giving you total control over your lighting.



  • 220V dimmer

Our 220V dimmer allows even more intuitive management of the LED strip, both via the RE220 remote control and with a simple Push button, offering an unparalleled user experience.


At LEDCO, we understand that every lighting project is unique. This is why we offer our customers the possibility of customizing the length of the 220V LED strip according to their specific needs, up to a maximum of 50 meters. With this option, you can get exactly what you need to illuminate your environment precisely and efficiently.